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Get Traffic To Your Website

The main concern with having a commercial website is how to get traffic (visitors) to it

Getting traffic is the primary concern of making a successful website. The more visitors you get the more success your website will bring you. There are various ways you might go about getting traffic but the best way involves great web content.

Conventional eye-catching advertising

  • Business cards with web address printed on them
  • Advertisements in printed media
  • Advertisements on radio and TV
  • Billboard advertising
  • Online pay-per-click advertising where people see an advertisement on another website and click through to a page on your website

In this form of advertising you need simple eye-catching adverts that provoke the attention of potential customers (the formula used in pre-internet times)

The problem with this sort of advertising is that it can be expensive. If you spend a sizable sum of money on these forms of advertising you need to have enough of a return on your sales to make it pay. If you find that this advertising doesn’t bring enough sales you can stop it but your business has gained nothing.

Beautiful websites

The approach most beginners have is to view a website as an eye catching advertisement. You can spend all your money building a magnificently beautiful website but beauty is not really going to help attract visitors. Great graphic design does look nice and is certainly eye catching. The problem is that in normal circumstances websites are invisible. Something eye-catching cannot attract attention unless it is placed within a person’s field of view. Websites are basically invisible until someone actually visits but not before. Before people will visit your website, you have convince them to visit it. Only after they have decided to visit the website are they able to see it. As mentioned earlier, conventional eye-catching advertising can be used get traffic to your site but a superior approach involving search engines is available.

Search engine friendly web pages

The best way to approach a website is to think in terms of providing great content importantly in the form of written text. Written content works great for getting traffic. Images, video and audio can help provide a great visitor experience but text is almost essential for bringing traffic to your website in the first place.

People use search engines to find the things they are interested in. The Google search engine is famous because it is good at finding the things people are looking for. Search engines require there to be written text on a webpage to do their work of matching text used in a search phrase with text used in a webpage . There are many different people searching on the internet and they are looking for many different things. There is a good chance your website relates to the things some people are searching for. If this is the case, and I’m sure it is, it is worthwhile to include text that relates to the services or products your website has been set up to sell. Setting up web pages in this way is called on-page search engine optimisation and involves such things as keyword research and many other factors.

Search brings interested visitors

As stated previously, conventional advertising works on being eye-catching. It is about capturing someone’s attention. Advertising with a focus on search engines is quite different. Searchers are intent on finding something they are interested in. You don’t have to catch their eye. You just need to have text that matches their interest. When one of your webpages is found on a search engine that matches the searchers interest it is very likely to bring about positive associations with the web page and the goods and/or services you are selling. So the perceived greatness of web content is enhanced when content is relevant to a searchers interest.

Pages not just about what you sell

It can also be useful to include web pages that are related to the products or services you sell but not actually about them. For example, if you are selling surf boards, having pages with text relating to the sport of surfing could attract visitors via the search engines. The more visitors you receive on your website the better your website is likely to perform for you. If you have good content including pictures, video or audio, people will tend to recommend your webpages to others via social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter and blogs etc.) with the potential to bring even more visitors to your website. And of course, surfers occasionally buy surfboards so by providing interesting information relevant to potential customers and increasing your website traffic, you are likely get even more sales.


Websites succeed largely on the basis of their text content. When setting up a website it is a good idea to think in terms of providing pages with text that matches popular search phrases that are relevant to your products and/or services. Images, video and audio can definitely enhance the visitors experience but text is the first thing to focus on.

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