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Professional Web Design – Wollongong

The most important factor in web design is to how well the website acquires visitors

Design is Important

The design of your website is fundamental to it bringing in visitors. It matters very little how fantastic your site looks or how incredibly well it gets your message across if people don’t visit.

The way most people find websites is with a search engine such as Google. You need your website to be visible on the first page of Google’s search results whenever keywords directly relevant to your business are used as a search phrase. If your website appears in Google’s top ten for words relevant to your business, your website is within easy clicking distance of potential customers.

Top Search ResultsA web page high up in Google’s search results is more likely to receive visitors than a page that appears lower down.

Good web design relates very importantly to a website’s position in the search results. Paying critical attention to the content and designing around sound keyword (or search phrase) research is extremely important. Keyword research involves discovering the popular search phrases that are most relevant to the business the website represents. It is somewhat surprising to learn that many web designers don’t understand or don’t care about this fundamental aspect of web design.

Pleasing Visitors

The graphical design of your site is important for creating a positive first impression for your visitors. Each page should look the part. The text is also important and should communicate at first glance that the visitor has come to the right place, i.e. the web page should clearly relate to the search phrases visitors are likely to have used to find it. The site should look professional and appropriate to customer expectations.

Sales Copy

Textual information on the page needs to communicate why a visitor should buy products and/or services from you rather than from anyone else. You also want to encourage visitors to take action by contacting you by phone or email or placing an order. Good web design incorporates good sales copy.


It should be easy for visitors to navigate between pages to find the information they require. A site that adheres to simple navigation menus will generally have greater usability than one that employs an unusual messy non-intuitive system. Each page on the website should load quickly into the browser. If pages load slowly, the visitor may decide to leave before they’ve had a chance to find out what your website contains. Large images or embedded Flash/movie content can take a long time to load which could create negative associations with your site so it is often best to use these sparingly if at all.

All Together

In the process of web design, all the elements need to be put into the melting pot for the website to be developed appropriately. Careful attention needs to ensure the correct mix. Going overboard with graphical imagery could mean the search engines won’t gain a good understanding of what your website is about. It’s important to note that good web design ensures search engines are able to find plenty of relevant text on your web pages.

Web Design Done Right For You

Having web design that’s done right can be extremely affordable particularly if your business is based in Wollongong. All of our websites are designed according to the principles of good web design outlined above and this is reflected in top ten success in Google’s results and in the satisfaction of the owners of the businesses they represent.

Contact Janeene on 0402 002 154 if you are interested in the best business web design in Wollongong.