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Corflute For Sale Signs 900mm x 600mm Only $50.00 & $30.00 for extras
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Real Estates Hate us!! But you"ll love us!! can help you with all these advertising products and we do it without Commissions or Contracts which allow you to get the maximum return on you investment.

Website listing until sold: $80.00 - No Commissions or Contracts.
Upto 10 photo's & description.
For sale Signs: $50.00 - $30.00 for any extra.
Full colour Brochures: $10.00 - Ten full colour A4 size brochures.

Along with other services and products.

Thankyou & happy selling
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Real estates and brokers seem to think that are the only people qualified to do this..
But it really isn't a difficult thing to do.

This gives them the ability to charge outrageous Commissions and make you sign into contracts that you are unable to adjust.

So by following a few easy steps that the agents use you can enjoy the benefit of a sale without Commissions or Contracts.

Where do I start You say?

1. Contract of sale:
Sounds tricky and expensive but really it is as simple as approaching a Conveyencer or Solicitor.
Prices vary and most will draw up the contract once you notify them you have a buyer.

2. Building and Pest report:
Some states require this to sell a property. So check your local Council for that information.

3. Advertising:
This is what truly sells your property. Real estates charge an extra fee for advertising ontop of the Commission and the ones who don't dont advertise.
Newspapers; A great way to let the local area know that you are on the market. They assist you in highlighting Open for Inspection days that are important.

4. Website Advertising:
Do not overlook the computer age!! It has become one of the most popular and fastest ways to search for a Property or Business for sale and is excellent for allowing the buyer to view your property without any intrusion to you. It exposes you to a wider range of leads and keeps the window shoppers away. You can use it to notify people of open house inspections and combine it with your newspaper advertising. However some websites do not allow Private sellers to advertise because they are Agent based. FUNNY That!!!

5. For Sale Signs:
One of the most overlooked tools in selling a property. It generates interest from passes by and creates word of mouth to a broad range of people.
Please remember to get a professionally created sign and not to use the paint leftover from the last chook shed revamp!!
Prices vary with these so search around.
A two colour sign and one of the colours being white, will cost you about $80.00.

6. Brochures:
How many times do we see these in our letter boxes!?? some would say they are in effective but thats not the case or real estates wouldn't use them. While most of us see them as mailbox fillers - there are people that have lived in your area, or who know someone that has liked your Property or Business without you even knowing it.
These are fantastic and can be placed at local petrol stations,take aways, video stores and pass them out at your open for Inspection days.
Again prices can vary so shop about.
You can create these yourself on your PC or invest in a Graphic Designer or Local Printery.
Please do not use the kids crayons or glue to stick the photo's to your masterpiece...

All the above are used by Agents and Brokers because they work and you to can use them..

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