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Excavating contractor providing narrow access excavation for Wollongong, Illawarra and Sutherland. Excavator width is a mere 750mm.
Thin & In Excavations

Phone: 0414 488 752

Narrow Access Excavation

Small Excavator
When there's only very narrow access to a site where excavation is required, you need a small excavator because normal size excavators can't get in.

Thin & In Excavations has digging machinery which can fit through very narrow gaps (750mm).

Tight Access Work
We can provide auger and backhoe excavation work in your backyard or garden or building site in situations where there's tight or narrow access (e.g. a small gap down one side of the house or a narrow gateway).

Site Preparation
Thin & In provides excavation for building site preparation, driveway and path construction, septic system installation, landscape praparation, re-sloping, re-shaping, swimming pool preparation and retaining wall and fence construction, pipe or drain laying etc.

Excavations Wollongong
Thin and In provide excavation services for Wollongong, Illawarra and Sutherland areas.

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For futher information on what Thin & In Excavations can provide you, please see:
Excavations Wollongong.

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