Glenn Bird Guitars - Corrimal

Guitar Maker (Guitar Luthier) - Hand made/custom made electric and acoustic guitars
Glenn Bird Guitars

Phone: 0418 476 272

Guitar Maker (Guitar Luthier)

Glenn Bird has been making guitars since the 1980s. For more information on Glenn Bird, please see Guitar Maker

The guitars Glenn makes are constructed of the finest Australian and imported woods.

Glenn constructs both electric and acoustic guitars.

If you'd like to purchase a hand made guitar from Glenn Bird Guitars call Glenn on 0418 476 272

Glenn also builds custom made guitars, both custom electric guitars and custom acoustic guitars.

For more information on having a guitar custom made for you, talk to Glenn on 0418 476 272.

Glenn's business name is often spelled without the second 'n' (i.e. Glen Bird Guitars).

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