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Zero Results?

Possible Causes

The keyword(s) you typed is/are not known to database. search engine is new and in early stages of data building and many businesses are not yet listed.

Your spelling may be incorrect.

The database spelling may be incorrect.

Possible Solutions

Please check your spelling.

Try using more keywords

Try with alternative versions of keywords (e.g add or remove a trailing 's' or 'ing' etc).

Let us know if the database spelling is incorrect. Please submit your feedback here.

Irrelevant Results?

For example, you type in yoyo shop and get many results that are unrelated to yoyo shop.

Possible Cause

There may not be any yoyo shops in the wollongong area and the word yoyo may not have been included as a keyword with any listing therefore there are no keyword matches for yoyo or yoyo shop.

On the other hand there will be many businesses with shop as one of their keywords and the search engine will faithfully supply a list of these no matter how 'irrelevant' the shops are.

Possible Solution

Broaden the scope of your search, e.g. try toy shop instead.

Other Questions?

If you have any other questions or feel that questions on this page do not adequately cover your concerns. Please submit your question here.

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