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What is a listing?

A listing on is a web page where you can post information about your business, organisation, website, or web page so that it can be found more easily on the internet.

Please see the following Demo Listing for an example of a listing on website.

All listings are easy to be found on search engine with relevant keywords.

The web page may be edited by you at any time so if you change your phone number, web address, business hours, add a new product range etc, you can adjust your details accordingly at your convenience.


  • 24/7 exposure on the highly reputable Wollongong Search Engine -
  • Increased chance of receiving business enquiries by having a stronger web presence.
  • If you have a website, a link to your website can benefit your rankings on major search engines such as Google.
  • If you don't have a website a listing gives you an online presence with many of the features of a basic website.

The catch?

There is a catch! All listings must relate to the Wollongong area (Helensburgh to Gerroa) and need to comply with our terms of service. All submitted information will be appraised by a human reviewer before being approved for public display. Rest assured, the vast majority of submissions are approved quickly and without a hitch (usually within one working day).

Types of Listings

Standard listings are free and include all the features mentioned above with 5 keywords on which to be found on search engine.

You may increase the number of keywords available to you by choosing or upgrading to a Premium listing. Premium listings give you up to 50 keywords and cost just $35.00 per year. Even if you decide to go with a Standard (free) listing you may upgrade to a Premium listing at any time.

Premium Gold listings are the same as Premium listings but we do all the work for you and you now you get a full website with your own domain name all included for the same price. If you like the sound of the Premium Gold package, please see: Premium Gold listings for more details.

How to sign up?

For Standard and Premium listing, just complete our simple 'Quick Easy Submit' form to provide the details for your listing and submit it.

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