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Terms of Service

Standard Listings

A Standard Listing entitles users to five keywords. Standard listings are free of charge.

Premium Listings

A Premium Listing entitles users to 50 keywords of their choice. Premium listings attract a fee of $99 per year.

Assigned Keywords

All listings are automatically assigned several keywords derived from the listing name, suburb and postcode for search purposes. These automatically assigned keywords are not included in the overall keyword count for a particular listing.

Approval Process

All listing content including keywords new to our database will need to undergo an approval process before being made available to search engine. The approval process will usually take between 1 and 5 working days.

Other Rules

Each listing must represent a genuine and legal business that operates within the Wollongong area (Helensburgh to Gerroa).

Every listing name must be the official business/organisation name.

A business/organisation at a particular location must not be listed more than once under different names.

The choice of keywords used for a listing must accurately reflect the nature of the business or organisation.

Approval will not be granted to a business/organisation primarily involved with selling or promoting erotica, adult-only products, prostitution, child pornography, or non-consensual materials.

All information provided with a listing including keywords must be in the English language or include full English translations.

A business or organisation that promotes the use of weapons of any type cannot be listed.

We reserve the right to deny approval of any listing or suspend or remove any listing at our discretion.

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